Normally, people only watch one Twitch stream at a time. But sometimes you may want to watch more than one at once and on the same screen. Especially when streamers join each other on a same game, and you want to watch the game in all of their perspectives. That's when MultiTwitch comes in. Created by a MIT graduate named Brian Hamrick, MultiTwitch embeds as many streams as you want and tiles them based on your window size so that you can watch any number of streams at the same time (as long as your PC can handle it and your screen is big enough to fit them).

MultiTwitch is a webpage at: To use the site, simply put the names of the channels (also the username of the streamers on Twitch) you want to watch into the site's URL, separated with a "/". For example: MultiTwitch will optimize the layout of streams to give you the maximum size on each of the streams, while maintaining aspect ratio. We will show you more details with pictures below.

How to use MultiTwitch with pictures

  1. First, go to

  2. To open streams, add the names of the channels to the URL of the site in the address bar (a channel on Twitch has a URL like this:, put the channelname into MultiTwitch's URL). You can add many as you like, and separate the names with a "/".

  3.  MultiTwitch will automatically optimize the layout of the streams to fit your screen while maximizing the size of each stream.

  4. You can add more streams by clicking Change Streams and put the channel name in.

  5. The chats will also be loaded. Unfortunately, MultiTwitch does not allow to display all the chats at once, you can switch between chats by selecting the channel name at the top of the chat window.

  6. Select Toggle Chat to hide the chat window for more viewing space.



  • - MultiTwitch will automatically mute the sounds from all the streams. You can adjust the volume of each stream individually.
  • - MultiTwitch will put all the streams in Medium quality (regardless of your settings for those streams on Twitch) for better performance. You can still change the quality of each stream (if your computer and Internet connection can handle them)
  • - MultiTwitch does not allow Fullscreen mode and the streams' sizes cannot be adjust manually.
  • - The multi streams viewing experience may vary based on your hardware and Internet connection (some with weak hardware or unstable connection may experience lags or not be able to load the streams)

MultiTwitch alternatives

There are also many alternatives for with features that the site doesn't have, you can also check them out. allows Fullscreen mode (you can only watch 1 stream on Fullscreen) allows all the chats to display along the streams (but they will limit the viewing space of each stream) allows some you to choose the layout (from 4 available) for the streams