BetterTTV (Better Twitch TV) is an extension for your browser and It makes Twitch TV better by bringing enhancements and new features to the site. BetterTTV adds tweaks to Twitch chat: even more emotes (including GIF emotes), resizable chat on the channel page, recent chat history, chat field history, chat filter... and much more. This extension is a must-have for anyone that frequents Twitch, install it now for your browser and see for yourself how amazing it can be.

Notable features

Custom chat emotes

This is the most notable enhancement that BetterTTV brings to Twitch. Users have access to a bigger collection of emotes submitted by the community itself. There are 2 types of BetterTTV emotes, BetterTTV global and per-channel emotes. Users without BetterTTV installed will only see the text code of BetterTTV emotes, the emotes themselves will only display to BetterTTV users.

Recent chat history on chat load

When you load a chat with BetterTTV installed, it will show you recent messages prior to your joining, so you can have a better view of what has been going on in the chat.

Chat field history

Pressing Up to restore your typed messages in the chat field.

Resizable chat

With BetterTTV, the chat can be resized by clicking and dragging the edge of the chat window.


On-site and desktop notifications when people send you messages, mention you in chat, and when channels you follow go live.

Download BetterTV

BetterTTV extension for Google Chrome

Download BetterTTV extension for Google Chrome (Webstore Link).

BetterTTV add-on for Mozilla Firefox

Download BetterTTV extension for Mozilla Firefox. Firefox should autodetect the plugin and ask to install it.

BetterTTV extension for Safari

Download BetterTTV extension for Safari. Safari should autodetect the plugin and ask to install it.

After you installed BetterTTV, you can start using by visiting Twitch logo at the top left is altered "" to indicate that you have BetterTTV installed. BetterTTV Settings can be configured in the chat settings

or by clicking your username on the left sidebar and choose BetterTTV Settings.