Apply for Twitch partnership

If you like gaming, and you have the time and passion to dedicate yourself to streaming, you can apply for the Twitch Partner Program. This article will show you how to do so.


To qualify, you should have:

  • - Average concurrent viewership of 500+ (not just a one-time peak)
  • - Regular broadcast schedule of at least 3 times a week

Despite having fairly strict requirements for partnership, those are still just general guideline. There are exceptions and Twitch always welcomes broadcasters who stream unique games!

If you create pre-recorded video content elsewhere (for example, on YouTube), you should have:

  • - Average views per video: 15,000+
  • - Subscribers: 100,000+

Application form

If you can meet the minimum broadcast requirements above, follow this link to the Partner Application page:

  1. Log in or Sign up to apply for Twitch Partnership.
  2. Scroll down, the application form is at the bottom of the page.

  3. Fill out the form carefully. Although some fields are not required, we recommend you provide the information.
  4. In the Details field, you should talk more about yourself, your streaming schedule, anything that would make you a valuable partner (e.g. "I'm huge on Twitter!", "I'm an ex professional Game X player", etc.). It's important to tell Twitch about your presence in the gaming community.

  5. Click Send Application when you're done filling the form.

Your application is sent to Twitch. Good luck getting your partnership.